Pioneering Private Digital Transactions Since 2014

Cryptocurrency is about the decentralization of the financial sector, removing people’s dependence on third party institutions.

Boolberry is the natural next step in this journey, giving us all the power to make truly anonymous financial transactions.

What is Boolberry

BBR is a fully secure and anonymous cryptocurrency. Built from the ground up to ensure anonymity, transactions cannot be linked to a single sender.

Solving blockchain bloat
It’s no longer necessary to drag around hundreds of thousands of ring signatures to mantain security. Boolberry's unique pruning mechanism trims old ring signatures that are covered by checkpoints. This results in up to a 90% reduction of block chain size to ensure fast and efficient synchronization.
Defending against ASICs
Boolberry employs a proprietary algorithm designed specifially to keep real miners in the game. By combating large hardware mining operations, Boolberry remains truly decentralized and safe from a 51% attack.
Creating a user friendly experience
Boolberry wallet app will finally bring an easy-to-use experience to Cryptocurrency. It's unique alias system gives users the option to replace long wallet addresses with a simple alias, such as @yourname.


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March 2018
  • Offline Signatures
  • Main Website
  • Team/Contributors
  • Finalize Research / Peer Review for Whitepaper
  • Marketing Plan
  • Exchange Applications
  • Forum Fundraising System
  • Minor Bug Fixes / Cross Platform Compatibility
April 2018
  • Block Explorer
  • Network Health / Stats
  • LMDB Testing
  • PR Campaign
  • Instructional Videos
  • Ad Spend
  • Exchange Implementations
  • Bounty Programs
May 2018
  • LMDB Implementation
  • BBIP System
  • Developer Guide / API documentation
  • Branded Mining Pool
June 2018
  • Redesigned Wallet GUI
  • Wallet Seeds
July 2018
  • Additional Wallet Features
  • Mining Integration
August 2018
  • Remote Nodes
  • TBA

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